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2866 State 28
Shokan, NY, 12481
United States


Scandinavian Grace provides an edited selection of Home good and products imported from Scandinavia. We are located in Shokan, N.Y. just outside of Woodstock.

Kettle Teapot


Collection of classic and contemporary designs from Scandinavia.

Kettle Teapot

Norm kettle C 4545129.jpg
Norm kettle C x2 4545129.jpg
Norm kettle C 4545129.jpg
Norm kettle C x2 4545129.jpg

Kettle Teapot


Menu's Kettle Teapot by Norm Architects. Asian zen philosophy and modern Scandinavian design. The teapot’s transparency grants a visual experience of the tea and stimulates the senses of sight, touch and smell alike. The tea egg is placed in the center of the pot and is easily raised by pulling the attached silicon string when the tea is ready for serving.

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Menu's Kettle Teapot by Norm Architects

  • Dimensions: 7"w x 10"h
  • Capacity: 50oz
  • Materials: Glass, Stainless Steel, Plastic, Silicone
  • Not designed for use on a stove